Welcome to Dementia Carers Count!

Our charity is for family carers of people with dementia, the dementia and carer communities and everyone who supports our aims.

Family carers can be wives, partners, husbands, children, brothers, sisters, in-laws, close friends, grandchildren – in fact, anyone looking after someone with dementia.

We set up our national charity to ensure that we can offer help to family carers wherever they are in the UK. Geography should not exclude anyone from accessing expert-led information and support. Family carers of people with dementia deserve the best quality information, guidance and support. After all, it is estimated that they contribute £11.6bn to the economy so they deserve to receive the best.

Since March 2017 our Service Development team has been skilfully crafting and piloting the services that we offer. We have been careful to bring together experts and our commitment is that our services will continue to be delivered by a team of qualified professionals who, because of their professional training and their years of frontline service delivery, are able to respond in a person-centred way to the challenges that each carer experiences.

So, our services are about building carers ability to support themselves as well as the person with dementia by building their knowledge and resilience through the processes of unburdening, learning, reflecting, sharing and relaxing.

I am so excited about the development of our Dementia Carers Centre because it is at the heart of our vision, and will be a place that fully understands carers and the lives of people with dementia. It will be a national resource centre and will be planned and built over the next two years, with fundraising to ensure that the Dementia Carers Centre has the best possible facilities and resources. We are creating the ‘home of dementia carers’ in the UK.

We feel passionately that family carers of people with dementia deserve evidence-based services and support from qualified professionals. Our services so far have drawn on existing evidence and we always gather feedback from carers. We want to continue that focus on evidence and so, jointly with Professor Dawn Brooker and her team at the Association of Dementia Studies at the University of Worcester, we are creating the UK’s first dedicated Dementia Carers Count Professor of Family Care in Dementia. The role will lead on exploring the experiences, needs and outcomes of family carers and will help us – and all other providers of services – continually improve the services we offer directly to dementia carers.

I am enormously proud of the vision that we are making a reality. It’s only made possible with the energy, enthusiasm and time that our supporters give us. Our Carers Advisory Panel is outstanding. They have described their work with us as like being part of a family. It has been a joy to create the Dementia Carers Count team; each and every member is professional and dedicated to bringing the very best to dementia carers. It was our Trustees who set us on this path and we are proud to be realising their vision.

I look forward to sharing information about our services, our development plans and news with you over the coming months. We hope you enjoy travelling this journey with us.

Claire Goodchild
Chief Executive